Patient Testimonials

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds of their lives: conversation, laughter, music — the sounds that connect us to other people.

We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying!

"I received excellent service and had a great experience at DeRamus. Before I had my hearing checked, I could not hear people a couple of feet away.  They had to come very close to me before I could hear them.  When he put my hearing aids in, I could even hear him writing his notes...I went to church yesterday and they didn't know I had them in. People were talking to me and I told them they didn't have to talk so loud.  My friend told them "She has new hearing aids in, so be careful what you say around her!" I told them I couldn't do without them [the hearing aids]."

Clarice N.

I did not realize how much I had not heard in the past until I got my hearing aids. it is amazing how much you do miss and you do not even know you are missing anything. Now, I do not have to keep saying "say that again."

I saw an ad in the paper about Federal employees being eligible for hearing aids with no out-of-pocket cost. So I made an appointment and went in to see what it was all about. I found out it was really a good deal. My insurance would pay a certain portion of the hearing aid cost and DeRamus Hearing Center accepted what my insurance paid as full payment. I got fitted for my hearing aids and paid nothing.

I was amazed during the hearing test. I just did not realize what I could not hear. But, when the doctor put the hearing aids on me, I could hear right away. It took me about a day to get used to them. I had to get used to hearing so much. The first thing I had to do was I had to turn my TV down. I cannot say enough about the excellent employees at DeRamus Hearing Center.

They were helpful and showed me everything I needed to know. They were very knowledgeable and really made the whole experience pleasant. I recommend DeRamus Hearing Centers to anybody. I know they can help you as much as they helped me.

Ronald B.

They treat you like royalty. I wish I would have gotten hearing aids ten years ago.

DeRamus Hearing Aid Centers, hearing aids in Montgomery AL, patient testimonials

Ray D.

My whole life and career had been based on the ability to communicate with people. Over the past several years, that ability has greatly diminished due to my inability to hear. The frustration and embarrassment that I was feeling was mounting every day.

It had gotten so bad that I no longer wanted to take part in even something as simple as going out to dinner, or running an errand, for fear I would not be able to communicate with those around me.

All the hearing aids I had tried always seemed to end up in the drawer, as they did not seem to help the problem. I said I was ready to just give up on life. But since being fitted with the wonderful new technology invented by Starkey Labs, I have a whole new life. I cannot wait to put my aids in when I wake up. It truly is a miracle and I cannot thank you enough for giving back my life to enjoy.


DeRamus Hearing Center is the greatest. I needed hearing aids for years and could not afford them. Ms. DeRamus donated a pair to me, and I have to say she is an angel. I love you.

Kate S.

I have been so happy with the service as well as the quality of my hearing aids. I would highly recommend DeRamus Hearing to anyone with a hearing loss.

DeRamus Hearing Aid Centers, hearing aids in Montgomery AL, patient testimonials

John H.

I had a problem with one of my hearing aids, and DeRamus Hearing Center was able to get it fixed quickly. I was surprised at the fast service. I took it in one afternoon, and the next morning they called and said it was ready.

There are many brands of hearing aids, but I prefer Starkey. I have had my Starkey hearing aids for about a year. The ones I had previously really hurt my ears, and I was not able to wear them. My Starkey aids are much more comfortable. They do not hurt at all and I am able to wear them without any problems. I have a very severe hearing loss and I now am able to ear the best I can possibly hear. I can now go to Alabama Shakespeare Festival. I sit on the front row and enjoy the things I would not be able to enjoy without hearing instruments. I am very thankful for this! Besides the fact that I can hear and they do not hurt my ears, I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they were compared to he price I had been quoted from another company.

DeRamus Hearing Centers is determined to provide the best quality product at an affordable price, and for that I am grateful I recommend DeRamus Hearing Centers to everybody I talk to who has a hearing problem. They are very helpful, and you will not find a better price anywhere!

Constance M.

My name is Melissaann, and it is my pleasure to share just a few people that DeRamus Hearing has helped at my request. Every day, as a Victim Advocate in three counties, I run into all types of sad situations. So many times, there is very little I can do or (depending on the person) what I can get state or local organizations to provide. Glenda DeRamus and her husband, Jeff, are two of the kindest people I have encountered in quite some time. They both have become my friends, after being around them for ten months now. I felt in my heart to share what they have done for me as an Advocate and for two very special people that could not hear and did not have the funds at this time to purchase the proper hearing aids.

One day awhile back I brought a ninety-two year old precious lady by the name of Ms. Kate to meet Glenda and Jeff, and they fell in love with her like everyone does that meets her. Ms. Kate was attacked at age eighty-three in Pensacola, Florida, by a young man that had only bad intentions for a sweet little lady that would not harm anyone. This man, who is in prison, broke Ms. Kate's neck, and the beating damaged her hearing. The State of Florida provided one set of hearing aids for her. Please understand, she never had any type of hearing problem until this horrible incident. Ms. Kate's daughter moved her here in Montgomery, Alabama, to live with her. But her daughter is a single mother with a son about to finish high school and go to college, so the funds for the set of hearing aids she would need were just not there. After the hearing test I sat with Glenda and Ms. Kate, and Glenda explained to me just how bad the hearing was and that the set the State of Florida had provided were absolutely outdated and no longer any good for anyone. Glenda is so kind, and she and Jeff gave me the proper paperwork to begin my mission to find some organization to pay for the very much needed hearing aids for this precious ninety-two year old lady. By this time, she had stolen my heart as well.

I remember praying, like I do so many times, for our precious Lord to lead me in the right direction, and one week later my prayer was answered by Jeff, Glenda's husband. A client had lost his wife, and he had purchased hearing aids for her. To this day I do not know all the details, but Jeff and Glenda worked something out with this man, who came to them to sell the hearing aids back. They were now going to belong to Ms. Kate at no cost. I remember screaming in the phone at Jeff and saying thank you, and also saying thank You Lord all in the same breath. The very next day I brought Ms. Kate in to see Glenda – and what a day that was. She got them in her precious little ears and… You know that saying, “Can you hear me now?” Ms. Kate looked at us and said, “You do not have to yell at me.” We both laughed, and I cried tears of joy for Ms. Kate!

Many months later, I knew a Pastor that everyone always called “Brother Buck.” This man married my husband and me three years ago, so he is and always will be very special to us. Brother Buck shared with me that he was no longer preaching God's word, for he could not hear. If you had ever heard him preach, you would understand why I took him also to DeRamus Hearing to visit Glenda and Jeff. Once again Glenda put him in that booth (I call it the “miracle booth,” because it, along with years of knowledge and training, is going to give her the answer to anyone's hearing problem). The rest of the story is another miracle given to a Pastor by Deramus Hearing. These wonderful people have financing available, and they take all types of insurance, but the knowledge and kindness they have just cannot be beat. These are true stories about Glenda DeRamus and her wonderful husband, Jeff, at DeRamus Hearing in Montgomery, Alabama.

Melissaann W. - Victim Advocate